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Ben Havens,

Employee of the Year

Written by The Emerge Editorial Staff


December, 2020

“In one year of employment, Ben has emerged into one of the best assets that we have. He isn’t afraid to speak up, bring new ideas to life and think of out of the box ways to improve our technology.”

Emerge rolled out its core values at the beginning of 2020 with the overarching theme, “own it”. Nobody better put these values into action than our 2020 Employee of the Year, Ben Havens. In just over a year, Havens has skyrocketed to success at Emerge, taking any opportunity that comes his way and fully owning it.

“Embracing all roles that he has been in, taking on every challenge as they come to him, and asking every question along the way (notebook in hand), [Ben] embodies what the perfect Emerge employee should strive to be!”

Havens has proven to be a critical member of our team and has lent endless positivity and excitement to the culture of the Scottsdale office. He has moved through the ranks and has been a part of multiple teams, first excelling on the CSS team, and now helping shape training as a Manager of Talent Development on the Employee Experience team. A great fit!

“Ben always brings the energy. His positive attitude and participation in company events has made a huge impact in ensuring the morale on the front lines is always high.”

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Aside from his valuable contribution to events and other office activities, Havens strives to get involved in anything that comes his way. While humble about his accomplishments, Haven’s best piece of advice for people looking to excel at Emerge simply boils down to asking questions.

“The best way to be successful at Emerge is to ask questions! I’ve started telling our training classes ‘Questions are the Emerge Cheat Code,’ because every person I talk to about their rapid personal growth here, I find each and every one of them is unafraid of asking every question that comes to their mind,” Havens said. “They have a willingness to challenge the status quo and that’s exactly what we need in order to keep moving forward.”

Taking his own advice, Haven’s desire to constantly identify and suggest new ways the company can improve, rather than simply accepting what already is, has, and will continue to help our team excel long term.

Havens is described by colleagues as passionate, energetic and innovative. Congratulations Ben Havens, 2020 Employee of the Year!

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