Emerge at LINK2019: RILA’s Retail Supply Chain Conference

Written by The Emerge Editorial Staff



Emerge is excited to share the Private Freight Marketplace at this year’s LINK2019: RILA’s Retail Supply Chain Conference.

LINK2019: RILA’s Retail Supply Chain Conference boasts that “executives from the from the most recognizable brands in retail attend LINK” and understands the importance technology has in supply chain. We are honored to share how the Emerge Private Freight Marketplace is helping real customers save at least 5% on their freight spend. You’ll learn just how easy it is to use your existing carrier network, as well as connecting to thousands of verified carriers in the Emerge network.

Find us at booth #705 where you can say hello to our team including Emerge President Grant Crawford, former Vice President of International Operations for FedEx Freight and former President of Roadrunner Freight. We’ll have some great swag standing by that you won’t want to throw away when you get back to your hotel room.

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