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Daniel Gowans, Leader of the Year

Written by The Emerge Editorial Staff


December, 2020

“Gowans is the epitome of what a manager should be — he’s a leader. He doesn’t just instruct, he helps, he guides, he’s informative and he goes through the trenches alongside his team.”

Manager of Agent Development, Daniel Gowans, has grown from his days as one of the first employees working in personnel development, to one of Emerge’s most-loved leaders. Taking our rapid growth in stride, Gowans is known for going above and beyond for his colleagues and direct reports.

On a day-to-day basis, Gowans looks for the best ways to support his team, whether that be assisting in demonstrations, hopping on calls or handling contract negotiations. As a part of the new agent development team, Gowans’ main focus is leading his team in agent recruitment and maintaining current agent relationships. While his team is still new, Gowans is very optimistic about the agent team’s future.

“We have some serious goals for 2021 in the agent department, no better time than the present to start scratching and crawling our way towards those,” Gowans said. “Everything we do today will benefit us in 2021 — I guarantee this department will be a story worth telling!”

The agent team has big plans, starting with establishing the world’s best agent program — a small feat Gowans is prepared for. His plans to help grow the team and program are simple: focus on the team and create a supportive environment to spur growth.

 “My favorite part of my job is having the ability to be a coach and being able to make a positive impact on people’s lives. It’s always been my goal to ensure my team loves coming to work, but more importantly that they are given the tools and support needed to be effective salespeople,” Gowans said. “I feel very blessed, which makes it feel natural to be passionate daily.” 

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Finding his passion and place at Emerge has been easy for Gowans, making the 2,000 miles between himself and his family a bit easier.

“Emerge wouldn’t be the same company if it wasn’t for the incredible people I’m surrounded by on a daily basis. My family [is far away], but I can honestly say I’ve found a new family here that I would do anything for and I know they would do the same in return,” Gowans said.

To be successful at Emerge Gowans suggests knowing your “why” and finding a mentor to learn from.

“Don’t ever lose sight of why you come to work every day and hold [that reason] close to your heart. It will be your driving force even when you feel like there is no gas left in the tank,” Gowans said. “My next piece of advice would be to observe those you see that are successful, take bits and pieces of what they do, learn from them, and apply that to your game plan. Consistency and effort are key.”

Gowans is described by colleagues as a passionate, intelligent, fearless and loyal leader and friend. Congratulations Daniel Gowans, 2020 Leader of the Year!

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