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The Emerge Agent Program

Be part of the digital revolution to increase shipper loads.

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As shippers start moving all their truckload to marketplaces and digital freight brokers, why are YOU not bringing the best solution to them first?

Have visibility into what other carriers are bidding

Gain access to thousands of carriers with with instant rates

Always provide the best rates to your shippers

Save time with quick sourcing and real-time tracking

What's in it for your shippers?

Join the Emerge Agent Program

It’s FREE for your shippers to use! 

Works with all their carriers and brokers

Carriers will be able to bid on your shippers’ freight 

Reporting for your shippers 

Utilize a light TMS solution 

Book, tender, and track all from one place 

Digitize your shipper through the Emerge Marketplace

Communicate with your shippers in real time

Buy and manage loads more effectively with the Emerge BrokerApp, built for brokers in modern age. With a full suite of tools including a Dynamic RFP, Spot Market, Light TMS, and our team of Emerge Gurus backing you up, you'll have everything you need to bring the best service and prices to your customers. 

Find more capacity with 50K+ carrier network

Lower your carrier cost

Easily manage your loads in one place

Earning potential for every carrier you introduce to the marketplace

Move shippers from a static to Dynamic RFP

Agents gain exclusivity for being first.

Be the first to join and gain huge advantage.


One agent to bring on a carrier

One agent to bring Dynamic RFP to a shipper

One agent to bring the Emerge Marketplace to a shipper

Have your own book of business but not sure where to start? 

Let our team of industry experts show you how to take the leap and start your own business today. With the best technology and easiest way to digitize, you'll be up and running in no time.

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