Remain Relevant to Your Shippers

Delivering the Best Technology

The competition is tough, but with the help of Emerge, you’ll stay ahead of the game with higher earning potential. Find more capacity, lower your carrier cost, and manage your loads with Edge TMS, the best broker technology in the industry.

Get Your Shippers Out of Email and Spreadsheets

There’s a better way for your shippers to transact. Gain full visibilty while providing your shippers with a robust platform connecting them to a vast network of pre-vetted carriers.

  • It’s FREE for your shippers to use!

  • Works with all their carriers and brokers

  • Thousands of carriers will be able to bid on your shippers’ freight

  • Reporting for your shippers

  • Utilize a light TMS solution

  • Book, tender, and track all from one place

  • Communicate with your shippers in real time

Additional Revenue Streams

Be the first to introduce a carrier to the Emerge Marketplace to create even more earning potential for your business.

If a carrier finds freight in the Marketplace, the agent who introduced them to the platform will earn payment. First mover advantage wins.

Emerge Agent Program 
Typical Agent Program

Emerge Agent Program Comparison

Be Among the First for Exclusive Benefits

There can only be:

  • One agent to bring on a carrier

  • One agent to bring Dynamic RFP to a shipper

  • One agent to bring the Emerge Marketplace to a shipper

Emerge Agent Program Edge TMS



"The Emerge platform has secured more loads with my current shippers and opened up new doors to previously unattainable enterprise clients."

– Randy Watson, Emerge Agent